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Investment Risks

Investment Risk: the learn, the burn and the bonus

The reason many people shy away from investments and rather choose the traditional route of savings in the bank, is because they fear the risk factor. We are assured that in a savings account our money won’t go ‘down’ – and when things look rosy we’ll get a bit of interest indicating growth. However, what we don’t realise is that inflation and other factors may simply keep our money running on the spot. It might look as though numbers have increased but the value has in fact diminished. Investment with all its attendant risks is ultimately the more advantageous route.

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The Secret to Wealth – it’s not what you think

There are a number of resources that offer pointers in how to build financial freedom – often bolstered with the offer of a book or CD which, once purchased, will reveal the ultimate secret to wealth. Usually the only person getting rich is the one selling the book.

If you have a good education, a good job and a budding investment portfolio, then wealth is probably not a ‘secret’ to you. Establishing what wealth actually means in terms of your individual life experience is key to understanding at what point you are actually becoming wealthy. Because wealth is always relative – what is a fortune to one person, is merely ‘getting by’ to another.

So what is ‘wealth’? A comfortable retirement? The opportunity to change your career, travel further or start a company? Money that will allow you to live your dreams? How can we build a life that offers the twin goals of both security and freedom?

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