Newsletter: What a year! | 17 January 2021

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What a year 2016 has proved to be!

At about this time last year the then Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene was fired and replaced by Des Van Rooyen.

This precipitated a chain of events that led to a weakening Rand and billions of Rands worth of personal wealth being wiped off the stock market. Since then we have endured Brexit, Donald Trump’s aggressive and acrimonious presidential campaign, an endless tale of corruption and deceit by Jacob Zuma and the Gupta’s, a plunging oil price and the agony of waiting for rating agencies’ decisions. Just last week we saw a far right politician nearly become the president of Austria.

 Peter Foster

12 December 2016


"When the winds of change blow,
some build walls while others build windmills."
- Chinese Proverb