Newsletter: Foster Wealth News | January 2018 

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There are many reasons to feel optimistic about 2018. With Ramaphosa in and Zuma out, the Rand being strong, inflation under control, it certainly looks like the runway is clearing.

Ramaphosa has been decisive on important topics such as nuclear power, which should give the rating agencies confidence. Unfortunately, we, as a country, still have a great deal of work to do. Our budget deficit is R50billion, yes, that’s a “b”, and we don’t have many very effective solutions available to solve this.

Income tax is at a critically high level. The number of people paying the vast majority of income tax is low and if we raise income tax any more we may well see these taxpayers leaving the country. A very unpopular (politically) yet very effective move would be to raise VAT. It would go a very long way to closing the deficit gap. We will have to wait and see which route is chosen, but one gets the feeling the new leadership will do the right thing.

We have a positive outlook for investments: equities should move up, bonds should strengthen too, our investment team has added the Allan Gray Bond Fund to our Balanced Income Model, which we consider a very positive move.

Looking forward to connecting with you more in 2018.

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Thomas Foster.


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"Ask yourself if what you are doing today
is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
- Anon.