Advisor Relations

Say goodbye to compliance and administration, and rather spend time with your clients and your family, doing the things you love to do, while we take care of your recurring income.

Would you like to retire and reap the rewards you have worked so hard to sow?

The ability to deliver a service that is honest, transparent and truly effective is something we are passionate about and proud to represent.

One of our core objectives at Foster Wealth is to build relationships with independent financial advisors – a policy that ultimately creates the opportunity for us to grow our business, and more importantly, allows Advisors to retire with peace of mind, knowing that their clients will be looked after.

How we assist independent financial advisors

  • Your financial advisory business is your biggest asset.
  • The income from this asset needs to last a lifetime regardless of whether you are still involved or retired.
  • Our focus is simple: We help advisors maintain and grow their net profit from their businesses.
  • We do this by alleviating your overall compliance burden, regulatory pressures and associated costs and also by ensuring you always maintain your annuity revenue stream you have built up over the years, or are still in the process of building up.
  • We help you make the most of your investment offering, improve your clients’ investment results and manage the efficiency and cost of doing so.

Which type of financial advisors do we assist?

  • Advisors who have or would like to focus on building up their practices’ investment book.
  • Advisors who would like to partner with a Cat II discretionary manager to consolidate their client investments.
  • Advisors who would like to improve the performance and consistency of their clients’ investment results.
  • Advisors who would like to wind down and retire soon, without losing the annuity income in retirement from their practices.

Many independent financial advisors and investment consultants find the current business and regulatory environment very pressurised. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Compliance obligations and record-keeping, especially in the investment environment, have become more onerous.
  • Clients’ expectations are becoming increasingly difficult to manage.
  • The investment environment itself is becoming increasingly challenging to understand and manage.
  • Fees and commissions are constantly under pressure.

How do you as the financial advisor benefit?

Selecting the most appropriate unit trust portfolios for your clients from a universe of about 1000 funds, is a serious challenge. The bigger funds are becoming oversubscribed and are unable to take and unwind positions in their funds, but how do you choose the next best fund manager from the smaller boutique managers? We can help.

  • You benefit from investment management services and a dedicated investment committee.
  • You save time by outsourcing your portfolio construction to Foster Wealth, giving you more time to build client relationships.
  • You can benefit from our in-house expertise in respect of practice management, legal, compliance and regulatory matters.
  • We will also manage your retirement in respect of your practice, if you are at that stage.

We assist Financial Advisors that are looking for a new venture within a future-fit business that is ready to face the regulatory challenges ahead.