Securing your long-term financial future: Time in the market is more important that timing in the market.

Madelein is an ambitious 22-year old who just finished her studies. She knows that she won’t be able to start investing right away as starting salaries are quite small. Nonetheless, she would like to know more about investments – what type of funds are available, and which one to choose to suit her needs.

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Intellectual Property: how do you protect and preserve this valuable asset

Thoughts are valuable. Ideas make money. Whether we create music, artwork, a book or invent useful gadgets or change the world through innovation – all of this is intellectual property. An individual thought, rising on others can be recorded and evaluated in the same way any other kind of property can be tied into an originator’s worth and estate.

After real estate and a canny share portfolio, intellectual property is the next most important card in your wealth creation pack. Ideas can be recorded and preserved in legal tenure that can be passed down though generations. The value issuing from intellectual property that has truly impacted the world, can run to billions.

But how do you go about ensuring that your idea or your work is safe from being copied or passed off by unscrupulous people as their own? There are several ways to do this depending into which category your idea or invention falls.

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Penny Stocks: should you play with them?

The world is full of stories of windfalls – fortunes made overnight and get-lucky guys who happened to be in the right place at the right time. And among them will be a number of investment gamblers who will swear by penny stocks. Truly, there are some people who have learnt to develop a quick eye and a fast hand, and have benefited sometimes quite handsomely from penny stock dabbling. What they might not mention is how much money they may have lost along the way.

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Technology: investing in the future

There is no doubt that in the next 20 – 30 years technology is going to change our lives beyond imagination. It’s already impacting on social life, education, health, banking, lifestyle, transportation, business, city planning, energy, fashion, food production – and even ultimately our plans to reach for the stars through space travel.

As the largest single segment of the investment market, technology presents major opportunities for those who value the continual and steady progress of innovation and invention – and how these advancements are changing our lives through higher quality, greater productivity and increased profitability.

Technologies of the future that are happening now

Change is happening so fast and on such broad scale that it’s difficult to keep up, let alone be sure of where best to invest. The boundaries between people, the internet, real and virtual reality are converging in a perfect storm of digital, physical and biological advancements. The technological revolution may even end up questioning what it means to be human.

Health: The biomedical evolution includes advances in reconstructive joint replacements, spinal implants, cardiovascular implants, dental implants, intraocular lens, and breast implants. Not to mention the capability of rebuilding parts of the body using stem cell technology to literally ‘remake’ organs in exact matches to a patient’s body. Advances such as CRISPR/Cas9 which can make specific changes to specific genes in living cells, is easy to use and cost efficient. It can reverse mutations that cause blindness and stop cancer cells from multiplying.

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Millennials and Investment: the money, the mobile and the new mindset

Worldwide millennials are estimated to be worth over 2 trillion dollars. Secondly, they are entering their prime earning years. And thirdly, they stand to inherit some of the largest investment portfolios ever accumulated by the previous baby boomer generation. However, their attitudes, sentiments, ambitions are different, even disruptive, less trustful and definitely more discerning than their parents.

Also known as Gen Y, they were born after 1980 and reached adulthood at the turn of the century, currently anywhere between 18 to 36 years of age. So what’s so special about them? Well, quite a number of things. When it comes to finance, millennials are not their parents. They think differently and their expectations are entirely different. They’re tech-savvy and independent but also wary of financial markets and complicated jargon. Most importantly, this is the wealthiest young generation in history.

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