Foster Wealth Partnership with Fundhouse

Given the vastly changing landscape in the investment world, we endeavoured to partner with an independent investment consultant, more commonly known as a DFM-discretionary fund manager or a RIC-retail investment consultant. In South Africa, we have a wide variety of options and selecting a consultancy is not an easy task. Our search ended and we decided on FundHouse as a steady partner; a few key reasons being independence and relationship.

Ian Jones (CEO) and Peter Foster (CIO), not our Peter Foster, have ample qualifications but, more importantly, share similar values to us as we believe in best practise and putting clients first. They have an incredible process of researching and analysing qualitative factors of funds and make themselves accessible to Foster Wealth on a regular basis. Fundhouse forms part of our Investment Committee. We meet with them on a regular basis as well as a quarterly basis for a detailed committee meeting.

Fundhouse undertakes in-depth, qualitative fund research for all funds considered for selection across our range of solutions. Their research capability has extensive experience within the asset management industry and is uniquely equipped to evaluate the quality and capability of local and offshore investment managers. Fundhouse is completely independent and rates funds on merit to be used across the range of solutions, where the fund has exhibited the following traits:

  • Demonstrated a high-quality investment offering
  • Fair value for money for the investor
  • Consistency in how investments are managed
  • Suitability for the particular strategy (cautious, balanced, growth etc.)

In order to properly and objectively assess each fund, Fundhouse follows a structured framework to evaluate funds, each evaluation taking a minimum of 50 hours upfront, with additional ongoing monitoring and annual reviews.