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Our founder, Peter Foster, founded the business in 1988 and retired in 2017, handing over the reins of Foster Wealth Management to his son, Thomas Foster.

Thomas and his team are passionate about maintaining and enhancing the honesty, integrity and loyalty that our clients have come to expect. While we celebrate what we have achieved over the past thirty years, we reflect most of all on what a great privilege it has been to serve our clients. Many of the families that became clients in 1988 still remain, clients, today, even though some of them no longer live in South Africa.

Not much has changed for the company since it was started. Honesty, ethics and loyalty to clients were established as the hallmarks of our business and reflected on our letterheads from the very beginning.

Clients could expect secure, steady growth and a passionate personal engagement.

We have survived major stock market crashes:

• Most notably 1987,

• The so-called Tech stock implosion of 1998,

• At least one major South African currency crash being that of 2001,

• The global financial crash of 2008/2009,

• Several downgrades of the countries credit rating.

Consequently, we feel that it is worth reflecting on what long-term investment truly means: it means staying in the market, sticking to your long-term objective and not being distracted by political issues, stock market crashes or credit rating downgrades.

We believe in Independent Advice. With so many product providers with wide varieties of options to choose from, we feel that partnering with a professional independent advisor is the most important step when building your financial plan.


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