Model Portfolios

We offer our clients a range of investment models, differentiated by their needs. Firstly we need to clarify what a model portfolio is? It is a structure and formal arrangement with the Administration platform. Model portfolios make managing portfolios very efficient and effective. Instead of trying to monitor an individual portfolio for each and every client, we manage a variety of model portfolios. Which model your investment goes into is based on your risk appetite and investment objectives. Our partnership with Fundhouse, a company which does qualitative research and fund ratings, helps us pick the very best funds which stick to their mandate so we give our clients the very best opportunity to consistently hit their objectives. Fundhouse has two seats on our investment committee and give us valuable input on our Fund of funds and our Model Portfolios.


Foster Wealth Cautious

This is a low-risk portfolio which uses a conservative allocation to growth investments to achieve its
objectives. The portfolio is generally aimed at the risk-averse investor or those investors with a short time horizon (3 years). Capital drawdowns are specifically minimised over 12-month horizons. Focus is given to minimising portfolio costs as an efficient way to enhance the net yield to clients. The portfolio is able to invest up to 25% offshore, however, is cognisant of the additional volatility which the currency exposure brings to the portfolio.

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Foster Wealth Balanced Income

This portfolio is designed for Post-Retirement clients or clients who are not restricted to retirement fund regulations, and who require a moderate to high level of real capital growth over time while drawing an annual Income. The portfolio is designed to have relatively low drawdowns to protect the capital base. A maximum of 5% per annum income drawings is recommended. Specific attention is given to risk management, diversification and income generation as a meaningful source of return.

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Foster Wealth Balanced

This is a moderate risk portfolio for clients who have medium to long-term investment horizons and are looking to grow capital through a diversified portfolio. This is a Regulation 28 compliant portfolio suited to the average retirement fund investor. The portfolio can invest up to 25% offshore and a maximum of 75% in local and offshore equities. The portfolio uses a combination of funds which complement each other to deliver a diversified return profile with underlying risk management.

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Foster Wealth Long-term Growth

This portfolio aims to deliver long term capital growth to SA domiciled investors. It does so through an equity focus, both local and offshore. The portfolio will at times aim to manage risk through investment in other asset classes such as bonds, cash and property, but will typically be majority invested in equities. It aims for an aggressive return target, and as such may experience periods of high volatility.

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Foster Wealth Tax Free Capital Growth

This portfolio has been constructed to maximise capital growth to investors through investment in local and offshore equities. Listed property will also be utilised and there will be minimal amounts of cash over time.

Globally the portfolio may invest in both developed and emerging market equities to maximise returns, and as such total volatility levels will be high, with potential for substantial capital drawdowns. Returns are earned in rands, so the offshore holdings will also experience currency volatility.

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Foster Fund of Funds

The Foster Fund of Funds provides our clients with the rare opportunity to own an investment that is diversified into several different countries and several different asset classes:

  • Our global property allocation includes investments in telecommunication towers, electronic data centres and science laboratories.
  • Through our Foster Fund of Funds, you can now participate in well-diversified, yet sound investment companies, but also have a tactical allocation to high growth areas such as Africa and China.

We follow a rigorous process to determine which underlying funds will be included in the Foster Fund of Funds. We tend to choose funds managed by smaller businesses whose livelihoods depend on the success of their business, much like us. All three of our directors also invest their own monies in the Foster Fund of Funds

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