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Our Team

Peter Foster – Director

Peter Foster started the business in 1988. Not much has changed for the company since it was started. Honesty, ethics and loyalty to clients were established as the hallmarks of our business and reflected on our letterheads from the very beginning.

Clients could expect secure, steady growth and a passionate personal engagement.

“A large number of our clients are in turn very loyal to us. I am extremely grateful to those clients and believe that my successors are very well placed to provide the same level of service with the same core values to those clients’ children and grandchildren.”

Thomas Foster – Director

Thomas’ focus is on client relationships and operations.

Having joined the company in 2012, he has learnt that the industry has become extremely complex. He is passionate about offering a simple and effective investment solution to clients.

“I love working at Foster Wealth as we strive to offer a service that is effective, simple and transparent.”

Victoria Roberts – Director

Victoria is in her element doing what she loves, balancing numbers, with investment decisions.

She loves working with a like-minded team that always strive to be world class.

“I firmly believe that if you enjoy what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”

Tanzeela Rahim – Investment Administrator

Tanzeela joined Foster Wealth in January 2016 and believes a solid administrative structure ensures that clients receive the best possible service.

“Foster’s focus on excellent service is what sets us apart.”