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Small Business: high risk, high reward for the canny investor

The value of small businesses in our economy is often overlooked when planning an investment portfolio. But small businesses equate to a substantial impact in nearly all economies worldwide. There are more than 25 million small businesses in the US alone, accounting for up to 60% of jobs – and in a recent study by Paychex, small businesses have produced 13 times more patents than larger firms.

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Philanthropic Investment: people and the planet

Developments in science, environmental concerns and the rise of social media have created greater awareness of human activity and the ensuing damages we effect around the world. Along with this greater understanding, comes a more responsible investor who takes specific interest in how investments may be used for the benefit of the planet.

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Investment Risks

Investment Risk: the learn, the burn and the bonus

The reason many people shy away from investments and rather choose the traditional route of savings in the bank, is because they fear the risk factor. We are assured that in a savings account our money won’t go ‘down’ – and when things look rosy we’ll get a bit of interest indicating growth. However, what we don’t realise is that inflation and other factors may simply keep our money running on the spot. It might look as though numbers have increased but the value has in fact diminished. Investment with all its attendant risks is ultimately the more advantageous route.

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