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The Wealthy Employee: how to get rich while in a job

There is a perception among many people that in order to become rich you need to be a stock market fundi, a brain surgeon, a CEO – or you need to win the lotto, inherit old money, own your own business, marry a wealthy person. They believe that an ordinary individual, earning an ordinary salary, does not have – nor will ever have – the capacity to become wealthy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

And the truth is so simple it should be hammered into your head during your last year of school. Begin to invest with your first paycheck and remain consistent and steadfast with increasing contributions throughout your working life. Note the word ‘invest’ not ‘save’.

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The Thin Edge of the Wedge: Who is the 1%?

In 2006, a film made by Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, depicted Americans who controlled nearly 50% of America’s total financial wealth in 2004. The stir this created rippled across the globe until it became a wave of outrage and resentment. Eventually, for a variety of supportive reasons, banners were painted and people marched, and finally ‘Occupy Wall St’ set up vigil outside New York’s powerful financial houses.

But the 1% remained unperturbed. This is largely to do with financial acumen, personal character and practical insight. The wealth of the 1% isn’t under their mattresses – it’s tied to vast investments, ventures, projects, product development, research, science, technology, energy exploration and inventions. All of which are the very things we depend upon to prop up job opportunities, pension funds, life policies, etc, right down to competitive pricing in the supermarket. In fact, the wealth of the 1%, including their taxes, underpins just about everything on the planet.

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