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Future Hot Stocks: where the smart money is going

Thus far, through 2017 and as we head into 2018, markets have been in a bull run for nearly nine years. However, it’s not time to lose focus. There are many options to consider as trends and hot tips make the rounds. The pick includes some stalwarts who will still dominate in 2018, but also new choices that may prove valuable while appearing offbeat and somewhat tempestuous.

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Bitcoin: boom, bubble or bust?

“It is time to realize that they (cryptocurrencies) are the real barbarians at the gate.”

Andrew Sheng, chief adviser to the China Banking Regulatory Commission.

The world is changing faster than we can think. Disruption is constantly chipping away at conventional systems and driving change at a dizzy speed. Begun in 2009, Bitcoin was initially taken up by an elite few with the technical skills to dive and dabble in something so fundamentally disruptive, that it has taken several years for the penny to drop on the wider public. After a somewhat bumpy ride, the price of Bitcoin has risen from 0.0001 USD in 2009 to 1 000 USD in 2013, to over 4,000 USD per BTC as of August 2017.

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Technology: investing in the future

There is no doubt that in the next 20 – 30 years technology is going to change our lives beyond imagination. It’s already impacting on social life, education, health, banking, lifestyle, transportation, business, city planning, energy, fashion, food production – and even ultimately our plans to reach for the stars through space travel.

As the largest single segment of the investment market, technology presents major opportunities for those who value the continual and steady progress of innovation and invention – and how these advancements are changing our lives through higher quality, greater productivity and increased profitability.

Technologies of the future that are happening now

Change is happening so fast and on such broad scale that it’s difficult to keep up, let alone be sure of where best to invest. The boundaries between people, the internet, real and virtual reality are converging in a perfect storm of digital, physical and biological advancements. The technological revolution may even end up questioning what it means to be human.

Health: The biomedical evolution includes advances in reconstructive joint replacements, spinal implants, cardiovascular implants, dental implants, intraocular lens, and breast implants. Not to mention the capability of rebuilding parts of the body using stem cell technology to literally ‘remake’ organs in exact matches to a patient’s body. Advances such as CRISPR/Cas9 which can make specific changes to specific genes in living cells, is easy to use and cost efficient. It can reverse mutations that cause blindness and stop cancer cells from multiplying.

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