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  • It’s Tax Season! Contact us today to submit your returns.

  • Our core values are honesty, integrity and loyalty

  • Take time to find yourself

  • Life is to be enjoyed

  • Everything you can imagine is real

  • We are committed to fostering your growth

  • Securing your long-term financial future is our goal

  • We create wealth through diversification to minimise risks

  • Our Model Portfolios are differentiated by your needs

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What our clients think

  • "The best financial decision I have made, following my retirement in 1999, was to transfer my portfolio, as well as that of my wife, to Foster Wealth Management (FWM) in 2012. My previous problems faded away! Our investments are now administered in a highly professional way by FWM. Regular feedback keeps us up-to-date; furthermore, any enquiry from our side is dealt with immediately. Our taxes and wills are also handled by FWM. Finally, it can be stated that it is a pleasure to be a client of this top-class financial institution with its friendly staff.“

  • "My wife and I have been Foster Wealth clients for 6 years. We are impressed with the highly competent, professional service we have received during that time. Foster Wealth have provided us with a full range of financial services, including drawing up our wills, establishing a trust and dealing with income tax returns. This is apart from effectively managing our investments including retirement funds. Overall, we are delighted to be Foster Wealth clients and would confidently recommend them to anyone looking for an effective, ethical, trustworthy investment company. “

  • "Foster Wealth Management has been my Financial Advisor since 1995. After my husband’s death, Peter assisted me with converting my home into a small guest house and managed my tax and modest investments.

    He took a personal interest in my family and listened in the manner of a friend. I am also receiving service by the two Directors of Foster Wealth: Victoria Roberts and Thomas Foster. They are professional and helpful in urgent times. Thank you to Peter, Thomas, and Victoria for looking after my affairs."

  • “I am very happy with the present service I receive from Foster. They respond to my needs quickly and efficiently, and make me feel well looked after financially.”

  • “A breath of authentic fresh air! No empty product promises or sales driven speak. Just good financial advice. After analysing my existing over-inflated insurance portfolio, their advice and motivation was to keep my financial plan simple by using the great investment majors we have in SA and really understanding my insurance vs my financial needs. They also advised me on reducing debt – which all starts with a plan. Just because I have debt, doesn’t mean I can’t leave a legacy.”

  • “I have the pleasure and privilege of being served by Foster Wealth, who manage a Trust that was established to take care of my older brother who cannot take care of himself. Foster's responsibilities as Trustee include financial management of capital, income and expenses associated with my brother's care, as well as liaison with the facility that takes care of him. Foster's staff also work with the other Trustees to address issues that arise in the course of fulfilling their mandate.”

    “I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Foster Wealth over more than a decade to date. Their financial management has been prudent, providing adequate returns in a financial climate that has at times been volatile. They have gone above and beyond in getting involved with the selection of ancillary staff (caregivers, physiotherapists) to provide supplementary care for my brother as his condition has deteriorated.”

    “My interactions with Foster's representatives have always been courteous, friendly and professional. I highly recommend this company.”

  • “Since I began my journey with Foster Wealth Management, I have enjoyed consistently professional and friendly service, with a personal touch, from each person I have dealt with. The advice I have received, to date, has been invaluable. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with all at Foster Wealth.”

  • “Moving my investments to FWM has given me peace of mind and I now feel that I have a solid financial plan in place. Thomas is great to work with – he speaks in language that is easily understandable no matter how financially illiterate you may be! He is also wonderfully encouraging and positive. I have found this particularly helpful and now I want to up my game and keep on improving my financial situation”.

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