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“A large number of our clients are very loyal to us. We are extremely grateful to those clients and believe that we are very well placed to provide the same level of service with the same core values to those clients’ children and grandchildren.” Peter Foster | Director

We are an independent financial advisory business.

For us, that means we represent clients, not the product providers.

At Foster Wealth, we believe financial planning is more about people than it is about numbers. In an industry that may have a lack of trust and transparency between product providers and consumers, we believe it is our duty to be a custodian of client wealth.  The landscape of financial services has become complex and multi-layered. We endeavour to simplify it and ensure that our clients receive the best value for money and achieve their goals. 

Our Value Proposition

Our Pricing And Services

We have consulting packages which are based on you taking responsibility for your personal finances! We will hold you accountable and get you going on the right path to achieving whatever your goals are!

Sounding Board Session

R 950 ex VAT / Month

You may have some ideas and financial goals, for example: buying an investment property or investing in a tax-free account, but you also need some peace of mind from an independent professional to help you ensure that you are heading in the right direction!

You receive:
• Peace of mind that all important factors are brought to your attention. Eg: Tax implications of rent income. Fund choice within a Tax free account.
• An action plan of next steps to move closer to your goal.
• A 90 day follow up, to check if you need any assistance.

Basic Financial Plan

R R3500 ex VAT

This is perfect for newlyweds, or young parents. You might have an investment going, a pension at work, some life cover but you want to review these portfolios. Perhaps you are also considering an education plan, life insurance and drafting a will, but can’t quite get around to these things. We understand. In a busy life, these items are not making it to the top of your To Do list! We will handle it.

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“The best financial decision I have made, following my retirement in 1999, was to transfer my portfolio, as well as that of my wife, to Foster Wealth Management (FWM) in 2012. My previous problems faded away! Our investments are now administered in a highly professional way by FWM. Regular feedback keeps us up-to-date; furthermore, any enquiry from our side is dealt with immediately. Our taxes and wills are also handled by FWM. Finally, it can be stated that it is a pleasure to be a client of this top-class financial institution with its friendly staff.”


“My wife and I have been Foster Wealth clients for 6 years. We are impressed with the highly competent, professional service we have received during that time. Foster Wealth have provided us with a full range of financial services, including drawing up our wills, establishing a trust and dealing with income tax returns. This is apart from effectively managing our investments including retirement funds. Overall, we are delighted to be Foster Wealth clients and would confidently recommend them to anyone looking for an effective, ethical, trustworthy investment company.”